Who We Are

At The Montessori Place, we strive to provide your child with a safe, fun and quality environment so that they may learn, play and grow in our care.

Our mission is to provide you with absolute peace of mind when entrusting your child in the care of our highly trained and nurturing educators, knowing that you are giving them the best possible education in their crucial development years.

Our Programmes

Toddler Programme

18 Months – 30 Months

Junior Preschool Programme

30 Months – 3 Years

Preschool Programme

3 Years – 4 Years

Pre K Programme

4 – 5 Years

Kindergarten Programme

5 – 6 Years

Nursery & Play Care Programme

6 Months – 17 Months

Why Choose Us?

Our school is committed to provide excellent learning opportunities for your child from preschool through kindergarten

Highly Qualified, Passionate and Dedicated Team of Educators with a genuine love for children

Qualified in-house nurse registered with the Ministry of Health, Malaysia

Child orientated classrooms with a low student to teacher ratio

Carefully planned curriculum that helps develop the child in a fun and creative way

Full Montessori Set-Up with a wide range of quality equipment and teaching aids

A Clean, Safe and Secure environment with facilities for outdoor activities

What Parents Say About The Montessori Place

  • “The Montessori Place will always have a special place in my heart. It was there that I sent my little princes, my first baby girl. The Montessori Place is first place where I send my daughter to learn different kind of thing which she will need in this world to know how to start beautiful life. The Montessori Place has positively shaped and affected my daughter more than any other educational experience to date. I believe that the experience that The Montessori Place offers is irreplaceable and crucial during the transition from toddler to young child due to the instillment of important core values that are relied upon as a guide every day.” “The Montessori Place gave my daughter the foundation to strengthen herself physically, emotionally, and spiritually during the transition years from toddler to young child. This school is a truly magical place and I cannot give a higher recommendation. I will cherish the lessons and experiences for the rest of my life.”

    Sanjay Choubey
  • “The Montessori Place has made our daughter a more confident and independent 4 year old since we sent her here two years ago. The teachers, staff and students from different races, cultures and countries which I think a “genius” for her to mix and mingle, learning with each other in her early school years.”

    Jacqueline Tan
  • “The Montessori Place is a school with teachers and children from diverse backgrounds.The teachers and staff are warm and friendly.The curriculum is fun filled with focus on understanding and learning. The Montessori Place is where a child’s learning experienced is nurtured.”

    Nisha George
  • “We’re happy to have Noah being enrolled into The Montessori Place, Ms. Sheena’s professionalism and manner which she conducts herself in running the school is what all parents sought after.The regular email updates from her dictates that she keeps us on track and showcase her dedication into making the best school for our little ones.”

    Edwin Ng
  • “The Montessori Place is great. Each day that Rasha attends school, we know that she is in a safe, quality place of love and learning. We feel blessed to have found such an awesome educational place and space for Rasha.”

    Ms. Stephanie Alcantara
  • “A short note just to say THANK YOU for all you have done for Ryan. My son has a great chance to have such loving, patient, kind and insightful and caring teachers in The Montessori Place.”

    Ms. Elham
  • ” Ying started at 3 1/2 years and now she is 5 years old. She is enjoying studying in this school and we are happy to see she has a lot of friends and can speak English since we are an Mandarin speaking family. In addition to her language and academic skills, we are grateful to The MontessoriPlace for helping her develop into a helpful, sharing, caring, happy, and sociable child, who enjoys her learning journey.”

    Mr & Mrs Chin
  • “Thanks to The Montessori Place, for taking good care of my daughter, baby Michelle. I can obviously see that all the ladies in this Montessori Place are very friendly and love the children unconditionally. Baby Michelle are always welcome and greeted by the lovely ladies when I send her there or pick her up. I am quite confident to send my baby there.”

    Huong Tran
  • “The Montessori Place is a fun, safe, clean and diverse environment in which I see all the kids and teachers enjoy being in. My boy managed to learn so much during his time there. Very professionally managed and the best, loving and caring teachers I’ve met. They are qualified and love the children very much, genuinely taking care and interest in all the little ones.”

  • “Aaiz was nearly two when he began school at Montessori Place, he hasn’t even started talking. It was a difficult and huge decision for me to place him in school at such a young age, especially in a foreign place where we just moved to. Yet I preferred sending him to school rather than to have him at home with a nanny. The teachers and staff of Montessori Place are so supportive and truly caring. The teacher’s friendly, nurturing and professional manners helped him settled into pre-school routines quickly and he started looking forward to going to school and enjoying it. His skill in interpersonal relationships and communication has developed immensely. As a mom studying full time am grateful for not only the academics at Montessori Place, but also the life lessons that my son learns there. The greatest thing I can say about Montessori place is that it comes from a wide range of cultural backgrounds which they recognize, respect and celebrates the differences. Thank you for all that you do for my son and in creation of encouraging, enlightening, peaceful, caring environment of leaning and socializing for all the children who attend. “

  • “We thank you for taking good care of our son, Daniel. We are impressed by his progress. Daniel has learned valueble social skills such as how to communicate and interact with others. He has become more independent and mature in terms of behaviours.”

    Huang Ye Ping & Peter Obsel
  • “This school is perfect for my son. He has improved talking and learning. He is more outgoing and more motivated to do colouring at home. This school is the best of the best.”

    Mr & Mrs Goh
  • “Teachers understand my daughter’s attributes in class and she is always appreciated. I like the fact that everybody is friendly and that they all love kids.”

  • “David is always excited for the next day to play and study. He talks about what they did during the day with happiness. The Montessori Place is a second home for him.”


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