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Who We Are


At The Montessori Place, we strive to provide your child with a safe, fun and quality environment so that they may learn, play and grow in our care.  

Our mission is to provide you with absolute peace of mind when entrusting your child in the care of our highly trained and nurturing educators, knowing that you are giving them the best possible education in their crucial development years.

Our Programmes



Toddler Programme

18 Months – 30 Months

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Junior Preschool Programme

30 Months – 3 Years

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Preschool Programme

3 – 4 Years

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Pre K Programme

4 – 5 Years

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Kindergarten Programme

5 – 6 Years

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Nursery & Play Care Programme

6 Months – 17 Months

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Why Choose Us?

 Our school is committed to provide excellent learning opportunities for your child from preschool through kindergarten


the montessori place

Highly Qualified, Passionate and Dedicated Team of Educators with a genuine love for children

the montessori place

Qualified in-house nurse registered with the Ministry of Health, Malaysia

Child orientated classrooms with a low student to teacher ratio

Child orientated classrooms with a low student to teacher ratio


the montessori place

Carefully planned curriculum that helps develop the child in a fun and creative way

the montessori place

Full Montessori Set-Up with a wide range of quality equipment and teaching aids


A Clean, , Safe and Secure environment with facilities for outdoor activities


What Parents Say About The Montessori Place



The Montessori Place Contact

Mobile: 012-401 1987

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