Our Programmes

A well-equipped classroom that provides a large range of materials for children to build literacy and reading skills, math and logical thinking skills, learn science through experiments, experience team work while cooking and baking, build friendships and gain all the necessary skills to succeed in school and in life. The focus of Montessori education is not academic readiness but the learning and development of the whole child – Socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

Toddler Programme

18 Months – 30 Months

Our Toddler programme is designed to focus little ones as they begin to move through their environment. Our lessons are designed to encourage cognitive and physical growth along with problem solving and self-help skills. In this programme, toddlers are taught how to play and communicate with each other.

Junior Preschool Programme

30 Months – 3 Years

Our Jr Preschool programme is designed to focus on independence as the children become more aware of the world around them. Increasing their language, social/emotional, cognitive and physical skills allows them to be increasingly active in their development.

Preschool Programme

3 – 4 Years

Our Preschool programme offers children a wide variety of learning opportunities. The curriculum allows children to explore the world they live in with the safety and support of teachers. From reading, to math, to home life, they will be exposed to activities that will promote curiosity, learning and creativity. All skills that he or she will need to prepare for kindergarten.

Pre K Programme

4 – 5 Years

Our Pre-Kindergarten programme offers children the next step to preparing for kindergarten. Along with educational advances your child will learn to work with others in a group setting. They will learn how to communicate and express their thoughts in an open learning environment, giving them the opportunity to start kindergarten off successfully.

Kindergarten Programme

5 – 6 Years

Our Private Kindergarten prepares children for the next step in their educational journey. Literacy, mathematics, science, culinary, music and creative arts are all included in the rich kindergarten experience using formal, internationally recognized literacy and math curriculums.

After School Activities

Child Care

Working parents have the option to choose a longer programme where their child may stay on with us from 8.00am to 5.30pm. Lunch and meals will be provided. The children will be given a shower and nap time will be included and followed by fun activities such as baking, art, music and gardening.

Flash Phonics

Ms.Sheena started this Reading Programme in 2010 and it has help many young children pick up reading and enjoy books. Some of the reading materials we use in this program is the Oxford Reading Tree, Montessori Pink, Blue & Green Series, and some worksheets and books that Ms.Sheena has personally designed and created.

Mandarin Classes

Additional Mandarin classes will be offered every Tuesdays from 2 – 3pm as some children will graduate from The Montessori Place and move on to Chinese Primary Schools. We are working with Odanata and we use their series to teach children Mandarin.